Frequently Asked Questions

  • Group-buys

  • What is a Groupspree Group-buy?

    Groupspree Group-buy facilitates a collective of customers interested in and comitting to purchasing a product to achieve a bulk quantity acquisition, therefore significantly discounting the cost and passing back the savings to the customers. To learn more, view How It Works.

  • Are there any costs involved?

    Groupspree is 100% free to use. Groupspree does not collect any payment information until the checkout process - only after becoming eligible to purchase the product following completion of a Groupspree Group-buy.

  • Can I participate without becoming a member?

    We require all users to register for an account and become Groupspree members. Guests are not eligible to participate in Groupspree Group-buys and guest accounts are not available.

  • Can I buy products without participating in Group-buys?

    The only way to purchase products on Groupspree is to participate in Group-buys. If you require a product urgently, you are welcome to buy directly from one of our partner shopping platforms such as Amazon.

  • How secure is your system?

    We respect and understand the importance of our customer's privacy and sensitive data. Customers shopping with us will have peace of mind knowing that we have a 100% secure checkout system implementing Comodo’s SSL 128 bit secure certificates. Comodo is one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide at the moment and the security certificate they provide is used to protect data during our checkout and payment process stages where a “small padlock” appears at the bottom right of your browser window and also changing the web page address to start with https://.

  • Products

  • Can I see the product before I buy?

    We currently do not allow pick up, therefore you are unable to see the product before you make the purchase. You are welcome to inspect the product at your nearest brick and mortar retailer store before commiting to participate in a Groupspree Group-buy.

  • Do you price match?

    We believe price is not the only factor we should focus and operate upon. At the same time, we are confident we offer the best prices on many of our products as we pass all the savings onto our members.

    This is achieved thanks to our bulk Group-buys and sheer buying capacity directly from the manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer.

    Hence, we do not price match.

  • Do you reserve items?

    Members are allowed to commit to multiple product quantities and have the option to reserve the quantity when participating in the Groupspree Group-buy. All items will be sold in a first come first serve basis.

  • How can I be informed of your latest products and deals?

    We are glad that you are interested in our latest products and deals through our Groupspree Group-buys. We have the following ways to help you be the first to be informed of our latest deals:

    - Our newsletter subscription (registered accounts only) allows you to receive our hot deals coming up, as well as the latest products we have coming in to our range. All these products are based on what is hot on the market at the moment selling at our attractive competitive price.

    - 'Like'-ing us on Facebook. By choosing to Like us in our Facebook, you can check out the latest deals and new products similar to our newsletter daily. At the same time, we have ongoing Facebook exclusive deals to keep our fans happy and feel involved.

  • What are refurbished products?
    You may notice that sometimes we sell product that is labeled as refurbished. These items are products that are either:

    - Brand new products that have damage packaging

    - Repaired items from the supplier that is in working condition but does not have the right packaging

    - Brand new products returned from a retail shop to supplier that may have missing instruction booklets or some other package content such as installation CDs, but nothing major or critical for the product is missing.

    - Floor stock or demo unit that has been on display before. In some cases, minor cosmetic defects may occur.
  • Account

  • How do I register a new Groupspree account?

    Registering a new account with us is fast and easy. Simply click the "register" link on our homepage or top navigation menu and fill in your email address and desired password in the panel next to "Login". We will send you a verification email and you will become a member once you have verified that your email address is valid.

    For convenience's sake, Register Now.

  • How do I change my password?

    Changing a password is fast and easy. First you need to log in with your existing password. Second, you go to your "Account" section and select "Change password." Provide in your new password, double confirm and click "change password" to assign your new password.

  • How do I delete my account?

    All accounts are removed after 12 months of inactivity as per our Terms and Conditions. If you wish to have your account removed prematurely, please Contact Us.

  • I forgot/lost my password. How do I reset it?

    Simply go to the Login panel and click on "Lost your password?".

  • Can I change my email address?

    Yes you can. You need to Contact Us, send a notification with the current email address you have with us and the email address you would like it changed to. We will then be able to transfer your old transaction history to the new email address and allow you to login with it instead.

  • How long do you take to respond to queries?

    Your business and concerns are very important to us and we will never deliberately avoid your correspondence. For tickets over the weekend, please allow a buffer of 48 to 72 hours. However, should you not receive a reply within a reasonable time frame, you could try sending us another ticket regarding the same issue just to be sure the ticket reached us.

  • Payments

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept:

    - Paypal

    - Credit Cards (Visa / Mastercard)

    - Skrill

    - Alipay

    - International Electronic Transfer (bank deposit, internet transfer)

  • Why did my credit card or PayPal payment fail?

    We cannot provide answers to this without looking into the issue. If you have issues making payment during the checkout process, please Contact Us or your bank/provider.

  • I can't use Paypal to complete the order?

    Please consider trying the following methods:

    - Use a different browser (we suggest Google Chrome)

    - Please make sure your Paypal address is identical to the registered billing address

    - The price on our Website is in your local currency, however all payments are taken in USD, so make sure you have sufficient funds in your Paypal account.

    - Contact us for PayPal troubleshooting

  • What credit card do you accept?

    Visa and Mastercard only.

  • How secure is it to use credit cards on your site?

    Your privacy and information is 100% secure when using our checkout system. We employ a secured payment gateway so that customer can shop with us safely knowing that we do not store their credit card information in our system. All information you provided is encrypted in our secured checkout payment system using Comodo digital security certificate, one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide at the moment. We use firewalls and VPNs for our network security.

  • Privacy and Security

  • Can I specify my own private key?

    At the moment this security feature is unavailable and unnecessary.

  • How do I know if I am in a secured page?

    We take customer privacy and security of their information very seriously. When you use our checkout system, you will notice that a "small padlock" appears at the bottom right of your browser window and also the web page address start with https://. This shows you are entering a secured page where your data will be encrypted by security certificate provided by Comodo, one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide at the moment. People that try to intercept the data will only see numbers and words in unreadable format.

  • How can you convince me that you are a secure website?

    We take customer privacy and security of their information very seriously. We take the following steps to help make our website secure:

    - We use security certificate by Comodo, one of the most established Certification Authorities worldwide, for our checkout system. This ensure your data is encrypted and safe.

    - We employ a secure and trusted third party company called ScanAlert, to monitor and prevent unauthorized access to our servers. If there is any breach in security, we will be notified immediately.

    - We do not and will never store any information about your credit card details in our system.

    - We use network security measures such as firewall and VPNs.

  • What information is kept with your company?

    We only take information that is necessary for us to complete a transaction with you. This will mean taking some personal information such as your full name, billing/shipping address and email address. Other information that are kept will be that which you provide to us during our interaction through email which will be strictly kept in privacy. This will only be used if the information provided by you is a suggestion to us for improvement of our system, or a suggestion of a product for us to sell. We do not and will never store any information about your credit card details in our system. For more information, you can check our Privacy Policy.

  • Can search engines link to my profile?

    Groupspree does not render a profile page and does not publicly disclose member account details on any page. Only the account settings displays account details but this page is private and only accessible by the Groupspree account holder.

  • Shipping

  • Which company do you use for delivery services?

    We generally use UPS and DHL for Continental U.S.A. and international shipping. However, we will choose the most suitable shipping carrier for delivery location.

  • Do you offer Express shipping?

    Yes we do, however not for all items - especially bulky items. Express shipping prices can be significantly higher than regular shipping costs.

  • My order hasn't been delivered?

    A tracking number is provided with every parcel and is assigned to each of your orders. Simply check your order details for the tracking number and international shipping carrier. Then you can manually look up the status of your parcel delivery. If your parcel does not arrive within 4 weeks, please Contact Us or the shipping carrier company.

  • How can I find international delivery information?

    Simply check your order details for the tracking number and international shipping carrier company. Then you can manually look up the status of your parcel delivery, whether within continental U.S.A. or internationally.

  • Who takes care of shipping?

    Groupspree facilitates the shipping. The product supplier actually ships the products ordered on our behalf.

  • When will my order arrive?

    This depends. Check the tracking number with the shipping carrier provided. If your parcel does not arrive within 4 weeks, please Contact Us or the shipping carrier company.

  • When will my order ship?

    Within 5 working days if there is sufficient and available stock.

  • Warranty and Refunds

  • The product I bought is faulty, what should I do?

    All products purchased from Groupspree is covered by a manufacturer warranty for a certain period (generally one year unless otherwise specified). If you are unsure whether your product is still under warranty, please Contact Us. Please provide your invoice number and give a description of the problem - our support team will assist you from there. We may request that you provide a photo of the product in some cases.

  • My item is damaged, what should I do?

    If your item is physically damaged, please make sure you keep all packaging as we may need it to claim insurance with our delivery company. Please take a photo of the damaged part and the parcel received. Contact Us, providing us with the invoice number, the photo attached, and a full description of the damage.

    If you purchased postal insurance for that particular item, we can arrange the replacement for you as soon as the damaged unit has been returned to us. However, if no postal insurance was purchased, we cannot guarantee we can provide any compensation.

  • The product does not work straight out of the box?

    As all products are covered by manufacturer warranty, please call the product's manufacturer and troubleshoot with one of their customer support representatives. Please do so within 7 days of receiving the item (DOA period), otherwise your product may become ineligible for an exchange/ refund and subject to a repair only. If they determine that the item is indeed faulty, please obtain a case or reference number and Contact Us, providing us the invoice number and a full description of the problem you faced.

  • I changed my mind, can I return a product?

    As long as the item is in brand new condition, where the packaging it not opened or unsealed in any way, we can accept a return for refund on the item's sales price. If the packaging has been opened, we may charge a 15% restocking fee, as we will no longer be able to sell the unit as brand new. Please Contact Us before making any returns for further advice.